The Chemistry Collection

The School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne has an extensive cultural heritage collection of over 300 items. These items are associated with the first century of teaching and research in Chemistry at the University, from the 1850s to the 1960s.

A small selection of items can be viewed at any given time as part of a series of rotating exhibitions on the Ground Floor of the School of Chemistry building. Plans are underway to create a permanent museum to house and showcase the entire collection.

In the meantime this Virtual Museum has been created to allow public access to this amazing and historically significant collection. This was made possible through a Scholarly Information Innovation Grant.

A selection of items such as antique scientific instruments, interesting glassware and other unique pieces can be found under objects. A selection of 3D videos are available under interactive. For a reflection upon past people of interest at the School refer to the people. Where various items from the collection fit into the history of the School can be found in the historical timeline. This also includes an account of important moments in the history of the School of Chemistry. Finally the entire collection is available for viewing via the catalogue.

For further information about the collection, please refer to the about us page.