The Chemistry Collection

A snaphsot of key moments in the history of the Chemistry department, from the 1860s to the 1940s.

1862 John Macadam appointed first lecturer of Chemistry, taught within the Medical School.

1886 Chemistry became part of the Faculty of Science. David Orme Masson appointed Professor of Chemistry.

1895 The noble gas helium was discovered by Sir William Ramsay (University College, London). He later presented a sample to the School of Chemistry.

1911 A. C. David Rivett became a lecturer of Chemistry.

1923 David Orme Masson was knighted. 

1928 E. J. Hartung was appointed Chair of Chemistry.

1938-40 The Chemistry building was constructed.

1882 John Kirkland was appointed first Professor of Chemistry.

1888 The first research samples were produced in the School of Chemistry. 

1907 The Satorius Balance was purchased by Gustav Ampt. He was considered one of Australia's finest analysts. 

1919 E. J. Hartung became a lecturer of Chemistry.

1924 A. C. David Rivett was appointed Professor of Chemistry.

1934 Brownian Movement in colloidal solutions was recorded, for the first time in history, on 35 mm film by E. J. Hartung.
A. C. David Rivett was knighted.


1940 During WWII the School of Chemistry was involved in the development and manufacturing of optical glass.