The Chemistry Collection

  • 19.c crystalline specimens
  • 19.d crystal axis models
  • 36 Melting pot apparatus
  • 78.b copper K sulphate
  • 78.d sulphite crystals
  • 78.f cupric potassium sulphate
  • 78.g cobalt potassium sulphate
  • 78.h chrome alum overgrown with potash
  • 78.i nickel sulphate & cobalt potassium sulphate
  • 78.j zinc K sulphate over nickel potassium sulphate.
  • 78.k cobalt potassium sulphate with overgrowth of zinc potassium sulphate
  • 78.I.i magnesium K suphate
  • 78.l.ii nickel K sulphate
  • 169 Melting Point Apparatus
Identification of Solids

Identification of solids: items 19, 36, 78 b – l, 169


The shapes of crystals and the melting points of solids were means of identification of unknown compounds. Idealised crystal shapes (or habits), item 19, and standard crystalline substances, items 78 b – l, were important reference materials. Melting points could be obtained by simple glass apparatus immersed in a heated bath, item 169, or by more sophisticated “heated stage” microscope apparatus, item 36. 


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